LBF ’11

Here are a number of interesting typographical covers that I noticed at the London Book Fair 2011.

International Catalogue 10/11

GMC Distribution.

A vivid and eye-catching collection of colours and typefaces, which have been set in an ordered way which allows each typeface to claim its own space on the page.

Jewish Identity and Palestian Rights

by David Landy. Published by Zed Books, 2011.

Nice use of a typeface which looks like a handmade protest sign, spray-painted onto a wall. I like the supporting ‘justice’ speech-bubble that is being ‘spoken’ by the word ‘Jewish’.

Sex Work Matters

by Melissa Hope Ditmore. Published by Zed Books, 2010.

An excellent use of handwritten and handmade typefaces to imitate sex industry adverts.

From Eternity to Here

by Sean Carroll. Published by Oneworld Publications, 2011.

Varied weight of type, a nice use of perspective and a star-based colour scheme make this typographic cover a simple yet classy design.

Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Am

by Sara Fanelli. Published by Tate Publishing, 2007.

A lovely collection of typefaces, that look as if they have been meticulously hand drawn by a protagonist who is constantly changing their mind.

Type Image

by Barbara Brownie. Published by Gingko Press, 2011.

A good example of type acting as illustration, with the white typeface skillfully crafted into the shape of a tree.

Social Network Theory

by Judith Warren Little. Published by Acer Press, 2010.

A good use of different sized characters in a well-spaced typeface. I like the way that the letters are interlinked, to symbolise a social network, with the ‘o’s linked between the three words of the title, to symbolise the development of a wider network.

Joined Up Design For Schools

by John and Frances Sorrell. Published by Merrell Publishers, 2005.

A bold design, with a large, joined-up, overlapping typeface which fills the page. I like the subtle way that elements of the words repeat on each line, in a way that the eye may not notice at first.


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